Risto at Opening Ceremony

In the past, risto has given us the ultimate predator, the femme fatale, but this fall he’s turned his sights on the prey. animal prints like you’ve never seen include “bambi” and a whimsical sheeps horn. as ever, these are paired with knits that leave us lost for words. complex cables and checks are overlaid with silk, or woven with ribbons. designed in boyfriend size, throw them on over full-length dresses for a dramatic, grungy silhouette…

Via Opening Ceremony

Smells like teen spirit…

Let me introduce you to Tanja.

I met Tanja as the cool sister of my best friend Maja, 21 years ago. She had finished fashion design in Zagreb, Croatia. Growing up in Macedonia this meant a secure pusher of records, magazines and clothes. She introduced me to the world of Cocteau Twins, Peter Greenaway and fashion illustration.

Couple of days ago I received these photos from her reminding me how life was about 18 years ago: “In Utero” was out, I was a red head, plugged eyebrows student between Paris and new born Macedonia.  

3 months ago Tanja started working with me as my patternmaker.

She is still very fun to work with, likes to cook and dance.